Topshop's Chiffon Wrapped Chain Bracelet (by Freedom for Topshop)

This bracelet was actually listed at my christmas wishlist last year. and the thing is i dont get what i want. last year i went to Hongkong . if you have read my introduction in my profile in this blog you guys know that i live in a very nice city called surabaya that don't have topshop, sephora and h&m.  that's why ,when my mom told me we're going to hongkong, i list everything that i wanted.  Apparently i didn't get this bracelet because they were out of stock or whatever and since i really want this bracelet, i decided to make it myself.

this is my own personal stocking-wrapped chain bracelet. P.S. i love it!

So, here is what you will need to make this gorgeous bracelet:
1. big gold chain
2. stocking (i use dark brown, but you can try other color that you like) or opaque
How to?
1. if you are using opaque, cut the undies part. for stocking, cut out the thick part of the stocking. also cut the leg part so it will be like a ribbon.

the thick part that i meant is the darker one (in this picture) 
2. After that, take one of the stocking and twist it.

3. start wrap around the chain with the stocking , but don't forget to leave about 15 cm of stocking at both ends of the chain.

4. pull both side of the stocking to tighten the bracelet.

5. knot the stocking at the end of the chain.

6. now use the other stocking to wrap the other side of the chain. for this second one i didn't wrap all of the chain so the bracelet will look more gold-y and dark brown-y instead of just dark brown. 

7. tie those left stocking together and make a big bow out if it. 

*awkward smile*



  1. yeah... but thanks to "no h&m" i became more creative day by day.