I’m a big fan of the ‘fashion bible’, Vogue.  I love how they mix and match top designer’s product and how they made the product seems to be more attracting than in the runway. One thing that always caught my eyes when I read Vogue is the price tags. 
For a whole look from vogue, you will have to spend at least $2500. I know i cant afford that.

But Thank God I found lots of  D.I.Y blog that inspires me to do it myself instead of buying it;  'PS. I made this', 'A Pair and a Spare', 'Honestly WTF',' I Spy DIY 'and well many more.

So this blog is about my DIYs inspired by top fashion designers. I hope by Doing It Yourself ,not only that you will save your money for something that is more useful ,but also you will learn to reimagine, reuse & reinvent  (that’s what Erica Domesek said). And i hope this can inspire you guys too :)

Will you rather spend £3,933 ($ 6140.98) for a Balmain shirt or a Balmain shirt look-a-like that will only cost you $15? (no offense Balmain) i will definitely go for the $15 shirt.

PS. I don't copy their design. I'm inspired by it. 

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  1. i love honestly WTF and i SPY DIY too they inspired me a lot...