Philosopy di Alberta Ferretti Sequin-embellished knitted cotton top

combining different type of fabrics to make a simple but beautiful top .all you need are just a tanktop, sequin-embellished fabric, and lace. 


Matthew Williamson Embellished fine-knit silk sweater

be creative, customize your sweater with pompom trim sequins and beads.

Ban.Do's dazzle crystal headwrap worth

if you're wondering what this is, well, its a headband. 

Chloè Embellished suede T-bar ballet flats

Fallon's Chain Necklace

Chloè's Ad Campaigns and Runway Hair and Make-Up

About a year ago i read vogue and found Chloè's ad campaign. it's classic and elegant and since then i fell in love with Chloè. Okay, actually more like obsessed. i love their dresses, shoes, bags and i love their ad campaigns. yeah. Ad Campaigns. i love how they portray woman/women with a strong elegant classy look, with simple make up and shiny bouncy strong hair. 
i know this sounds stupid, but because i'm obsessed with the model's hair, i've been google-ing  "Chloè's ad campaigns hair and make up tutorial"and still haven't find the result yet.

this is my favorite ad campaign. classy. elegant. perfect. 

Beside their ad campaign , i also love their runway beauty look. here are some of my favorite chloe runway beauty:

Spring-Summer 2012


Chanel's sketch

i saw this on the internet one day and well... i saw it , i love it, i made it. 
i don't know who made this sketch, i don't think it's Karl Lagerfeld because his sketches didn't look like this.
karl's sketch


Balmain's Appliquéd silk-blend shirt

this is the £3,933 balmain shirt that i totally adore. and of course i really want this shirt.
but since its about $6000 i know i better stop hoping and start making.


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Alexander McQueen's Embroidered cotton-jersey tank


Topshop's Chiffon Wrapped Chain Bracelet (by Freedom for Topshop)

This bracelet was actually listed at my christmas wishlist last year. and the thing is i dont get what i want. last year i went to Hongkong . if you have read my introduction in my profile in this blog you guys know that i live in a very nice city called surabaya that don't have topshop, sephora and h&m.  that's why ,when my mom told me we're going to hongkong, i list everything that i wanted.  Apparently i didn't get this bracelet because they were out of stock or whatever and since i really want this bracelet, i decided to make it myself.

this is my own personal stocking-wrapped chain bracelet. P.S. i love it!

So, here is what you will need to make this gorgeous bracelet:
1. big gold chain
2. stocking (i use dark brown, but you can try other color that you like) or opaque
How to?
1. if you are using opaque, cut the undies part. for stocking, cut out the thick part of the stocking. also cut the leg part so it will be like a ribbon.

the thick part that i meant is the darker one (in this picture) 
2. After that, take one of the stocking and twist it.

3. start wrap around the chain with the stocking , but don't forget to leave about 15 cm of stocking at both ends of the chain.

4. pull both side of the stocking to tighten the bracelet.

5. knot the stocking at the end of the chain.

6. now use the other stocking to wrap the other side of the chain. for this second one i didn't wrap all of the chain so the bracelet will look more gold-y and dark brown-y instead of just dark brown. 

7. tie those left stocking together and make a big bow out if it. 

*awkward smile*


MiuMiu's Bow-Detailed Cashmere Cardigan

I saw this cardigans in net-a-porter just now and I'm completely in love with it.
 it's simple, i love the color, and you can use it this holiday season or after winter which is spring because the color is so bright and spring-y *sorry, is that a word?*  
ok the sad part is, its £433.33. thank gawd we know how to DIY.

this is what you need:
1. a nice cardigan. you can find it in every department store.  you can use this color or other color that you like. i suggest use light and bright color like this. 
2. silk black ribbon. (about 30 cm or more)
3. scissor.

how to?
cut 2 small vertical line on the side of the cardigan and then tie the ribbon through the hole.

here are some not-so-expensive cardigans that you can use (you can also use sweater):

Chanel's Giant Ivory Pearl Bow Evening Purse.

  The first time I saw this picture, I thought they were a pair of earrings. But it turns out that they are a giant pearl purse that doesn't look like purse to me(not at all) . But then I thought , well, why not make an earrings that looks like those Chanel purse? *ideas-popping-out-like-popcorn*

Blair Waldorf's Headband

Look For Less

Tibi's leather-trimmed silk blouse (£316.67)


Zara's blouse with combined flap (£29.99)