Bottega Veneta's silk-trimmed cotton shirt

After i saw this shirt on net-a-porter i know right away that this thing will definitely be in my Do It Yourself list. i haven't do it but i will post the DIY tutorial as soon as I'm finished with final exams.
But basicly, this shirt is actually pretty easy to make. 
what you need: 
plain white long sleeve t-shirt (round collar), 
black ribbon about 2m,
white/ transparent buttons 
fabric glue 
sewing kit (thread and needle)

first, cut the (1st) black ribbon with the length that suits your t-shirt (from the bottom of the round neck to the bottom of the shirt).then cut other ribbons for the accesories; 
(2nd)1/2 ,the length of the 1st ribbon, 
(3rd)1/4 the length of the 1st ribbon (make 2 of it) 
(4th) 3/4 of the 2nd ribbon.
(5th) 1/2 of the 4th ribbon

 then,put the 1st ribbon vertically in the centre of the t-shirt and
 then stick them together with fabric glue. then sew some of the
 buttons on the top of the ribbon and make it look like it's a shirt.

for the accessory ribbon, put the ribbon all together.
 and then stitch them together with the button

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