oh-kay this topic might be so last season for the fashionistas since Lorick hasn't launch any new collection since 2010,(i guess) but, somehow i still adore Abigail Lorick's designs. For some of you who don't now who Abigail Lorick is,well she is a model-turned-designer. Her collection showed woman how to dress ladylike and elegant which i love the most about her. she was also the ghost designer for Eleanor Waldorf runway collection from the tv series gossip girl. that's why most of Blair's wardrobe are from her collection
i am inspired by her in so many ways. i mean, if you see the fashion world right now, you can see girls dressed not politely showing their belly button and breast. i believe girls should dress politely and appropriately,just like what Lorick showed in her collection (the polite ladylike).

abigail lorick

one of her collection
Blair and Serena in Lorick

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