Happy Valentine's Day

dear readers...
in these very special moment 
i would like to say
Happy Valentine's day
may you receive lots of love
and spread them to others too

Oh My Love. it's Valentine's day!!!! this Valentine's day since i'm single (and happy) i celebrate V-day with my family. And somehow my mom just got home from singapore and she bought me a perfume: CHLOE by Chloe. I am so in love with Chloe as you (might) know since some of my post mention them several times, and my dream is that someday i will work there as the creative director (big dream ,huh?). This perfume is my first Chloe product that i ever had and hopefully not the last and i am so excited to wear it tomorrow for school. 
by the way this next few months will be my busiest  time of year because of the final exam ect so i might not post as much as i used to. 

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